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  • Andrew Ponec

    Andrew Ponec

  • Isabella Grandic

    Isabella Grandic

    18 yo feminist writer building a product called Boob Blurb

  • Heya Desai

    Heya Desai

    A 15-year-old on the path of working towards leveraging biotechnology to impact billions and create sustainable innovation.

  • Eesha Joshi

    Eesha Joshi

  • Kabeer Makkar

    Kabeer Makkar

    16-year-old IoT & AI enthusiast on the way to changing the world.

  • Aman Dalmia

    Aman Dalmia

    Curious about almost everything. Passionate about climate change and education. Trying to be helpful!

  • Jibraan Kadri

    Jibraan Kadri

    17-year-old genetic engineer passionate about making a difference in the world.

  • Aryan B

    Aryan B

    Creating and Helping Grow Startups!

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