10 Steps to Success: The Third Door Edition 🥳🚪

Life is a journey. There is no final destination, just continuous evolution.

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Step One: Think for You

A Linear Life diagram: (please excuse my diagram drawing skills… 😭)
For all my Python friends 😸

“ Most people live a linear life… successful people don’t buy that model.. They opt into an exponential life.” ~ Elliot Bisnow (Entrepreneur, Banayan’s mentor)

“Start making the little choices, that will lead you to the road of success” ~ Alex Banayan

Step Two: Desire is Everything

“I didn’t have the experience, but I had the heart, the discipline, and the desire. You may have a desire, a wish, a dream — but it’s got to be more than that — you’ve got to want it to the point that it hurts. “ ~ Sugar Ray (American Professional Boxer, 6-time World Champion)

Replace the average life, you know 😉

Step Three: Prepare for take-off

“Luck is like a bus if you miss one, there’s always the next one. But if you’re not prepared, you won’t be able to jump on.” ~ Qi Lu (American Engineer, former Microsoft Executive)

Step Four: Blast off

“If you do not ask you do not get” ~ Richard Saul Wurman (Founder of TED Conference)

image from BrainPop

Step Five: Find the Third Door

Index value = 2 :)

“What if this door is closed and that door is closed and that door is closed — how the hell are you going to get in? You just need to figure it out. You need to use common sense, build relationships; I don’t care how you get in, but you’ve got to get in somehow.” ~ Jessica Alba ( American Actress and Businesswoman)

Step Six: Never give up

“It’s not about kissing the same frog 100 times and hoping it’ll be a prince. Try a different species” ~ Dean Kamen (Inventor of Segway and Insulin Pumps)

Step Seven: Effort is essential

“ You have no way of knowing what’s going on in the lives of the people in your pipeline. You can’t anticipate their mood or how generous they’re feeling. All you can do is control your effort” ~ Alex Banayan

Did I really just spend time doing that? Yes… yes, I did.

Step Eight: Think long term

“ It is better to make a fair deal today that sets you up for more deals down the road, then a great deal that does not set you up for anything. Choose long-term positioning over short term profits ” ~ Bill Gates (Co-Founder of Microsoft, 2nd Richest Person on Earth)

Step Nine: Never stop learning

“ It’s about humbling yourself enough to learn, even when you’re at the top of your game. It’s about knowing that the moment you get comfortable being an executive is the moment you begin to fail. It’s about realizing that, if you want to continue being Mufasa, at the same time you have to keep being Simba.” ~ Alex Banayan

Step Ten: Live for yourself

“Most people do things because that’s what society tells them they should do. But if you stop and do the math — if you actually think for yourself — you’ll realize there’s a better way to do things…I’m happy because I do what I want every day.” — Steve Wozniak (Co-founder of Apple)

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